Our Core area of services include:

Content Creation

We are a creative, content production company that brings to Life Ideas, pictures and thoughts into the realm of reality, cutting across fiction and non-fiction fields, we have worked with several media production houses and personalities

Media Consultancy

We help inundate media startups brands into the realities of creative content generation, in training staffs directly involve in creative writing and other related job descriptions. we also aide them with the basic skills and Knowledge of the Art of writing and content creation

Event Management

We create and Brand ideas into events for organizations also assist production houses to bridge the gap with relevant institutions to Screen and Premiere their productions locally and internationally

Distribution / Aggregation

We recently embarked on Production, also have in our (PPP) a full production team and equipment’s in Johannesburg South Africa ,which we are willing to either partner producers with or hire to producers for Film production purposes.

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